Subscription plans (Business documents only)

1-5 Employees

€29.00 per month


€319.00 per annum

(save €29.00)

6-10 Employees

€49.00 per month


€539.00 per annum

(save €49.00)

11-15 Employees

€79.00 per month


€869.00 per annum

(save €79.00)

16+ Employees

€99.00 per month


€1,089.00 per annum

(save €99.00)

  1. All prices above are quoted exclusive of VAT.
  2. You get unlimited 'Digital only' business document downloads.
  3. You also get a discount of 40% off the normal price of the 'With solicitor review' service on all relevant business documents.
  4. Once your subscription payment is received we will send you the registration instructions.
  5. A VAT invoice will also be sent to you.

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Document prices

With 'pay-per-use' you can purchase each document process on LawOnline as and when required.

Solicitor review

You can also choose to have your completed document reviewed by our solicitors for an additional highly competitive fee.

Try before you buy

All documents can be tried out for free before you decide to purchase.