McGroddy Brennan Solicitors

'With solicitor review' service

Once you have completed drafting your document this service, if offered for that particular document, enables you to send it electronically for review by us. In addition to sending your document for review you can ask any queries you might have. To avail of this option you need to choose it at the time you purchase your service, i.e. before you begin drafting your document. We will endeavour to review your completed document within three working days and be in touch by email or phone with further instructions.

'With solicitor assistance' service

The purpose of this service is to enable you to consult us on how to use the Website to draft your document. We will make contact with you to arrange an appropriate time for the consultation which can be conducted either by telephone or video meeting as preferred. This service also includes the 'With solicitor review' service outlined above and when you have completed drafting your document you will be prompted to send it for review by us.

Book a consultation

If you require legal advice you can book a consultation of up to one hour with us at a fixed prepaid cost of €160 (including VAT). To book this service please use the Book a consultation form.

My legal matter

If you have a legal issue which cannot be addressed using the document services of LawOnline you can submit the details to ourselves using the My legal matter form and we will be in touch to assist. If it is the case that you need further assistance from us we will let you know the likely fees involved depending on the complexity of the matter. Following receipt of this information you are under no obligation to retain us. We will endeavour to respond to your request within 24 hours.

Our firm

McGroddy Brennan Solicitors (McGB) is a full service law firm with offices in Ashbourne, County Meath and Dublin City. We target our services to both individual and corporate clients throughout the Republic of Ireland.

We have joined in a partnership with LawOnline because of our desire to leverage the power of  technology to provide the best possible service to our clients at an affordable cost. Using this technology we can service our clients in any part of the Republic of Ireland in a manner which is both convenient and cost effective for the client.

McGB guarantees to make the legal process run as smoothly as possible and we make sure that our clients are kept informed of all developments in their respective matters, however big or small. We believe that communication is the key to maintaining successful and lasting client relationships.

It is the aim of McGB to provide a personal service of the highest professional standards to its clients in an efficient, effective and confidential manner. In addition, McGB provides a welcoming and friendly environment in which our clients are made to feel comfortable in discussing any legal problems or issues they may have. See our website here for further details.