How it works guide

1. Choose the personal or business document that you need.

You can search for a document process either within the Personal and Business categories and then by law area, i.e. Family, Employment etc. or else browse through the entire library in alphabetic order. You can also search for a specific document process using the site search field on the top right-hand side of the screen.

2. Before you buy, try out the document at no cost (OPTIONAL)

Having found the document process you require you have the option to ‘Try for free'.  Please note we do not ask you for your credit card details if you wish to first try the document for free. Once you click on the document you will see a screen with questions and explanations on the left panel and your document being assembled in the right panel as you answer the questions. With 'Try for free' please note that portions of the text are hidden and can only be read once the document is paid for. This step can be particularly important and useful if you are not sure if the document is relevant to you, or your situation or issue.

3. Decide the service level you require

If you decide to buy a document you will be asked, depending on the document, which level of service you require: digital only; with solicitor review or with assistance:

  • Digital only: This is the basic service and is suitable if you wish to complete the document drafting process yourself without any further advice or assistance from our solicitors;
  • With solicitor review: This service enables you to send your completed document to our solicitors for review to ensure that it meets your needs. You are also given the opportunity to raise any questions you may have. 
  • With solicitor assistance: Our solicitors will contact you and take you through the document drafting process via video meeting or over the phone as preferred. This service also includes the 'With solicitor review' service outlined above.

4. Answer all of the questions we ask you.

LawOnline uses a combination of legal content, expert software rules and information entered by you to assemble your document. The questions are organised into logical question groups, typically contained on one screen. To fully complete the document you must answer all of the questions. Each question has an ‘Explanation’ box beside it which appears when you arrive at the question. This gives you more detail about the information being requested and often an example answer. You are also sometimes referred to the ‘Guidance notes’ for further information. Depending on relevance and complexity, the process can also include validation checks to ensure that the information you have entered or the choices you have made are correct or appropriate to your circumstances.

If you need to check an answer, get additional information or have run out of time you can save your work at any point and return to complete the document later.

When you have viewed all of the question groups you will see a summary screen which shows all of the question groups in a list. If you see a red asterisk next to a questions group this indicates that a question within that section has not been answered.

Due to the nature of the drafting process, it could be possible that this was intentional and you have ignored this question on purpose because you intend to edit a Word version of the exported draft later. However, you should double-click on the question group to view the incomplete question and make sure that this omission was intentional.

5. Have your document reviewed by our solicitors (OPTIONAL)

If you have opted to have your document reviewed by our solicitors you can send the completed document electronically to McGroddy Brennan Solicitors (McGB). You can also include any specific queries regarding the document. McGB will make sure it is correct and suitable for your circumstances and will then be in touch via email or phone within three working days with any further instructions. To keep track of the documents you have sent to McGB for review, Click on the 'My services' link when logged in. Here you can track the progress of any service - whether it is not yet started, in progress or complete.

6. Download, print, execute and use your document

Once we have confirmed to you that your document is completed – either by you answering all of the question groups or, if reviewed, confirmation from WJB that the document is ready - it can then be downloaded using the 'Export' function and printed. LawOnline allows you to download the document in both Word and PDF formats. If you wish to make any further changes then it is best to download a Word version.

Every document process includes a ‘What to do next’ screen which tells you how to execute, i.e. sign, the document and also provides any other relevant instructions.

7. Book a consultation with our solicitors (OPTIONAL)

After you have completed your document on LawOnline you can also choose to 'Book a consultation' with McGB to review the document and make sure it is correct and suitable for your circumstances. Depending on your location this consultation can be conducted face-to-face or via phone. For consultations by phone, online document-sharing facilities are available if you wish to make use of them (see This consultation costs €160 (including VAT), and is limited to one hour in duration and to providing advice in relation to your completed document only. This is a highly competitive cost, reflecting the fact that a full version of the document is already drafted, enabling our solicitors to concentrate on providing you with advice rather that basic information gathering and validation.